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Moments opens for DownStreet Art Aug 28 at CONcourse Gallery

"Moments" an exhibition of new work by John Michael Byrd will be opening for DownStreet Art August 28.

I’m in the final stages of show prep and we are hanging the work in a few days. 

85 Main St.
Wed-Fri 12-6 pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm

August 28–September 25: Moments by John Michael Byrd & Worms Under My Skin by Leah Grimaldi O’Ryan

John Michael Byrd and Leah Grimaldi O’Ryan will come together for the first time in a joint exhibition at CONcourse Gallery. Although the artists will be sharing a space, they will be creating two separate artworks with separate exhibition titles to provoke visitors to create their own interpretations of the separate and shared distinctions between artworks.

Moments: by Byrd will showcase paintings and drawings composed in “an attempt to resolve the confrontation of the artificial and the real.” He uses pre existing images and deconstructs the imagery to create new content.

“I find the resultant paintings suggest a more compounded, complex narrative without being shackled to the original framing of the subject. My mode of re-contextualization empowers the viewer to interpret them more symbolically and metaphorically,” Byrd said.

Worms Under My Skin: by O’Ryan is a paper and soft sculpture installation by O’Ryan. Her small cut paper figures and black fabric figures are arranged in an awkward and unsettling composition to provoke ideas of self-consciousness. Her work is meant to overwhelm viewers by exploring feelings of anxiety, phobia and weakness in reference to the body.

John Michael Byrd is an Artist to Look Out For

I’m so excited and honored to be featured in Starry Night Productions publication Artists to Look Out For. 

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Image: John Michael Byrd, “Buried in Oblivion”, 2014, watercolor and acrylic on grommeted mylar, 18x24”

2nd Boston Biennial 3 video. my work this time is about 1:38 mintues. 

All the work in the Boston Biennial 3. My work is at about 15.:50.

John Michael Byrd. Studio Shot. Fri Jul 18 2014 Newest Painting, still needs a title. I’m open to suggestions. 30x40” watercolor, acrylic on mylar

John Michael Byrd in Boston Biennial 3

Atlantic Works Gallery presents

Boston Biennial 3*

July 17th - August 21st, 2014

Since it’s inauguration  The Boston Biennial has become a cherished and much anticipated New England Institution - not unlike opening Day at Fenway or the Pops on the Fourth, gifting the public with exposure to cutting edge contemporary artistic practice, as well as serving an important role in invigorating and democratizing the Boston area creative community.

For The Boston Biennial, the Boston Biennial Selection Committee will again showcase a variety of the best work being produced in New England and the world*, as well as to shine a spotlight on the collective that has clearly raised the bar for artistic production and theory in the area covered by Original Thirteen Colonies (not to be confused with the Original Six NHL Franchises or the Seven Sister Colleges,) namely THE BIENNIAL PROJECT.

A large screen projection will illuminate the work chosen for The Boston Biennial 3*. The work chosen for the recent ArtVenice Biennale and the Biennial Roadshow Marfa will also be displayed digitally.

Additionally, the ever-expanding and dynamic membership of The Biennial Project will develop several new site specific installations and conceptual works while hopped up on diet coke and cheetos.

Don’t miss the social event of the summer season!

Gala Opening Reception Thursday July 17, 6-9pm


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“One must picture everything in the world as an enigma, and live in the world as if in a vast museum of strangeness.”

- Giorgio de Chirico